HR Consulting Services

  • Organization Design & Structure
    This encompasses a detailed analysis of the organization's business and current strategy to determine organization structure and design.
  • HR Strategic Alignment
    Ensuring the HR goals of the organization are designed to support and assist in the achievement of the overall strategic goals.

  • Merger & Acquisitions
    We provide an efficient and effective handling of the transition process. Combining human capital and streamlining accordingly based on business strategy.
  • Employee Retention Strategies
    Through effective recruitment process, employee benefits, retention programs, effective compensation strategy, succession planning & career development initiatives, accurate job description development.
  • Policy & Procedure
    Development, implementation, communication and training.
  • Employee Terminations
    We can minimize the risk for resulting litigation. Consultation on related proper documentation, estimated pay out requirement, release information, outplacement services are also available.
  • Employee Relations
    We can assist organizations in their day to day matters relating to employees. Poor performance, absenteeism management, discipline, etc.